Opening the doors

On Thursday 17th December 2020, a new Art Gallery in Exeter opened its doors for the first time. The gallery displays a large glass-fronted display overlooking the river, with a bright exhibition space and attached studio. Expect to see frequently changing exhibitions as we extend our platform showcasing a variety of southwest creatives.

I have been busy making some wonderful connections with interesting artists in the area. I am pleased to be acquiring original prints and paintings from artists on the North Coast.   I also look forward to receiving some beautiful new ceramics in the New Year from some favourite St Ives artists.   Expect to see new works showing here soon creating a dynamic mix of colours and themes in the gallery.  Thanks also to the hard work of our team preparing our base shop on the Quayside Exeter. I look forward to curating the spring show here at Vandlys Galleri.

Karen Gimlinge – Gallery Owner

Winter openings: 5 days a week – Visit by appointment on Monday. Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings. Plus, additional events at the location. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10-5pm. Or later if the sun is still shining.